Episode 162 — “Life Adjusted” — an interview with the director-producer team of a chiropractic movie like no other, Dr. Kacie Flegal and Sean Nipper, and the unassuming chiropractor-star, Dr. Jay Komarek


Title: “Life Adjusted.” — an interview with the director-producer team of a chiropractic movie like no other, Dr. Kacie Flegal and Sean Nipper, and the unassuming chiropractor-star, Dr. Jay Komarek

Episode Number: 162

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 05/31/13

Run Time: 123:12

Description:   Join Dr. Thomas Lamar on the job site as he and Audio-Engineer Logan embark upon the making of an incredible tree house, while at the same time welcoming to the program a cast of one and crew of two that is busy making an equally incredible chiropractic movie.  Dr. Kacie Flegal and Sean Nipper join forces as the producer-director team for Life Adjusted the Movie: the Heart and Hands of Dr. Jay Komarek.  Dr. Lamar sits down with the trio (Sean, Kacie, and Jay) to find out all about this movie which looks to allow viewers to play silent witness to the Power of the chiropractic adjustment, and Profound potential of the life force we have within — through the eyes of the most objective and innocent of patients: a horse. Plus, Dr. Lamar shares the official MCQI response on the  much talked about ACA video featuring the Chairman of the Board’s address to the House of Delegates.

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Life Adjusted the Movie - the heart and hands of dr jay komarek

Jay Komarek Hollywood Star• Learn more about Life Adjusted the Movie:

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you might enjoy my website, http://www.chiropractorsforfairjournalism.com

Comment by dr. jc smith

Thank you Dr. Smith!

Comment by drlamar

Back in about 1964, while I was working as Coordinator and Director of Financial Aid at the University of Cincinnati. I went to my home town to visit my family. My Father Dr. Ralph C. Woods PCC 1923 gave a cigar case with a Havana cigar in it which he got from a patient. He said the patient was referred to him by the Head of Hillenbrand Industries in Batesville Indiana. HiLL Rom then maid Hospital Beds and supplies.
He said the man was very well dressed and had a severe headache. Note that the Hillenbrand family were also patients of my father as were members of the Romweber family.

After Adjusting the gentleman and getting rid his severe headache the man gave dad the cigar. About a week or two later dad said that he head of the company’s personnel was in dads office for an adjustment. He told dad that the man was the President of the American Hospital Association.

That was during the time that the AMA et all were beginning their attempt to destroy the Chiropractic Profession.

I still have the container that the Havana Cigar cam in as a reminder.

Ronald W. Woods, BA., MEd., D.C., F.I.C.A.(Hon), F.P.A.C.(Hon)

Comment by Ronald W. Woods

WOW!!!!! What a story! Thank you for sharing Dr. Woods. This is just but ONE more example of how wrong and corrupt the AMA’s conspiracy against chiropractic was — especially when you consider that the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals was named in the suit as well.

Comment by drlamar

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