Episode 107 — RockStar Chiropractic Project’s Dr. Jason Ulsrud


Title: RockStar Chiropractic Project’s Dr. Jason Ulsrud

Episode Number: 107

Host: Dr. Thomas Lamar

Show Date: 01/06/12

Run Time: 32:32

Description:  Join Dr. Thomas Lamar as he podcasts Live2HardDrive at the Fall 2011 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends with RockStar chiropracTOR and founder of The RockStar Chiropractic Project, Dr. Jason Ulsrud.  Since 2010, Dr. Jason has been Rockin’ the Project and delivering the Principles of ChiropracTIC with his edgy and entertaining web show.  Get the story behind the story as we hangout with him behind our microphones while On Location at the Fall 2011 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend in Long Branch, New Jersey.

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ON LOCATION in New Jersey

-21st Anniversary-

The RockStar Chiropractic Project

Jason Ulsrud, DC

New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends

Fall 2011

Dr. Thomas Lamar hangs out with RockStar ChiropracTOR, Dr. Jason Ulsrud at the Fall 2011 New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekend.

• Learn more about Dr. Jason:

The RockStar Chiropractic Project

–  Jason’s Facebook page

– Check out Dr. Lamar’s RockStar Interview

• Learn more about New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends:

– Website: NBChiro.com

– Facebook Chiropractic Philosophy Fan Page

– Facebook Chiropractic Group page  

– Facebook Chiropractic History Fan Page

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I don’t know why, but this is probably my favorite interview you’ve done to date. How did you get this awesome, good looking guy on your show? LOL

Seriously though… You are an amazing interviewer and I really admire how you set up your show. The Chiropractic profession is lucky to have a talent like you.

Thanks so much for the opportunity and let’s ROCK 2012!!!

Comment by Jason

That was fun. Jason makes a great interviewie! I like hearing him on the other side of the mic. He still Rocks!

Comment by Todd Waters

Thanks Todd for the comment. Jason was a fun interview. ….an interview that I had been looking forward to for some time once he popped on my radar back in January of 2011. Jason had me on his show back then. If you haven’t heard it… here’s his interview of me while I was On Location at the 2011 California Jam: http://www.therscproject.com/rockstar-interview-24

Comment by drlamar

I have to agree Jason…. and I can’t quite put my finger on it either… there’s something about this interview that I really like too. 😉

Comment by drlamar

Thank U Dr. Lamar,
Great interview. Should tell u – I learn a lot from your interviews.
The big thing – and I love the input of Dr. Jason Ulsrud, Dr. Phil Yamamoto and Dr. Barbara Eaton (Both whom I admire). The great thing about being principled is the willingness to pay the price. Sometimes it hurts, yet with your guidance and the guidance of other great fellow chiropractors – I know that I can and will get there.
Thank U,
Happy New Year,

Comment by Ronen

Thank you Ronen for the comment. I learn a lot from my interviews too. 😉 …And it IS about paying a price. It’s about being willing to stand up on the foundation that those principles form and plant your flag… and then being willing to stay there to face the storm. Be well my friend and Happy New Year to you too. -tom

Comment by drlamar

Thomas: I know what Jason’s ” rock on ” hand sign means but I have no idea what hand sign you are giving in the picture of you and Jason. Could you enlighten me ? Bye the way…I really appreciate your’s and Jason’s contribution to our profession via your podcasts. Thanks!

Comment by Dr. Bobby Tarantino

@ Bobby – it just means I’m one finger ahead of Jason! LOL. 😉

Comment by drlamar

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