Help SpinalColumnRadio Go to New Beginnings!

Thank you to everyone who helped us get to New Beginnings!

The Fall 2010 New Beginnings is now in the rearview mirror… but we warmly welcome donations anytime to help keep this adventure alive!  Simply use our “Box on the Wall” in the left hand column .

SpinalColumnRadio.com began nearly two years ago as a way to spend more time with my chiropractor-to-be son, Logan. He was nine at the time. So we launched an Internet Radio Show — a podcast — on chiropractic with the intent of educating the public and community on what this form of health had to offer. It was a natural fit: I enjoy communicating the chiropracTIC message, and as a youth I used to play “radio DJ” in the attic of my home. Add Logan’s love for technology and interest in following in Dad’s footsteps, and we were off and running!

It didn’t take long before we were global and shared the satisfaction of knowing we were providing valuable content to people we would never meet…and we were doing it together.

Little did we know that seven months in, one of our episodes would go viral and would capture the attention of the chiropracTIC community. Soon afterwards, we were invited by the Outlaw of Chiropractic himself, James Dubel, to pack our equipment east and join him at his longstanding New Beginnings Chiropractic Weekends event to interview some of the greatest minds in chiropractic. It was amazing!!! To say it was an opportunity of a lifetime would be an understatement…an opportunity I got to experience with my son by my side.

Later we received a similar invite from Billy DeMoss to join him at his Mega Chiropractic Event on the West Coast: Cal Jam. And then we were invited back to do it again at New Beginnings. And then, just recently, we spent the day at a local event here in the Pacific Northwest: Big Top Legacy Gathering. It was phenomenal!

So here’s the punchline: The Fall 2011 New Beginnings is fast approaching. We really want to go, but just do not have the funds in the budget to make it happen… unless you help!

Logan and I are on a mission to continue to blast the chiropracTIC message out via the powerful medium of podcasting for as long as we are allowed. This is a unique message, and the world needs to hear it.

Spinal Column Radio encourages and inspires chiropracTORS everyday around the globe to be the best chiropractors they were intended to be. Plus, it educates those who are not chiropractors as to what we do, and what we offer.

And while SpinalColumnRadio is free for the taking…it certainly is not free for the making.

Help us get to New Beginnings this Fall. Time is running out, and we want to keep the momentum going! We want to add more great interviews to our play list for you to listen to and grow from. Partner with us to make this New Beginnings trip happen!

Partner with us because you want to support a father-son team that is out to create a movement for chiropracTIC.

– tom

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Received a private check for $25.00 last week. Add that to the amount in the “Goal Thermometer!” Every little bit helps! Keep it coming! Thanks. 🙂

Comment by drlamar

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