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November 12, 2009, 10:46 pm
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Coming January 1, 2010, Spinal Column Radio, the podcast with backbone

Thanks for stopping by!

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You’ve caught us in the middle of testing as we ready ourselves for the launch of our Debut Episode. Listen in for a taste of what’s to come!

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Does your podcast listening schedule need a little backbone? If so, then maybe it’s time to schedule an appointment with your podcast chiropractor, Dr. Thomas Lamar.

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WOW, Iam impressed with your motivation to get the word our about health and Chiropractic care and living in Kingston! I chatted with you at the Kingston Corn Maze one night while we were sitting at the fire pit and asked you what inspired you to become a Chiropractor? and you gave a story that passed my high standards and views about health. But, you are even following up with your words about health. It amazes me that you have the time to put in this extra effort to get the word out when you have such a large family of children! I still would like to share with you info I have found about Abdominal Epilepsy. I think you would find it FASCINATING! write me back anytime, thanks Gayle Waxon – gayle.waxon@soundtransit.org

Comment by Gayle Waxon

Hi Gayle – I remember you…. And I enjoyed chatting with you about Chiropractic. As you probably have surmised, I am passionate about Chiropractic, BUT, I am also very passionate about Family!….. This is one of the reasons why my 9 year-old son Logan is sitting by my side helping me produce these shows. 🙂

Comment by drlamar

That is amazing! You’re a natural at this and I’m looking forward to more of your podcasts! Great learning experience for your children as well…good luck!

Comment by Ellen Smith

Well done!
I will look forward to hearing what you have to share, and will also look forward to sharing this site with friends. (and chiropractor?)
Missouri aunt

Comment by Aunt Crys

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